Food For Thought

This article appeared in the Bagpipes in November, 2009.

Sharing part of your dinner with your Beardie, may or may not be a good idea. It all depends on what’s on your plate. Hopefully, you’ve seen the list of people foods that you should avoid feeding to your dog. These foods contain chemicals that rarely cause problems for humans, but depending on the amount and type, may be fatal for your Beardie. The most common are:

Having said all that, there are some people foods that you can safely feed to your Beardie, in moderation, to provide a nutritional boost and a bit of variety to meals.

Just like humans, every Beardie is different, so levels of toxicity and reactions may differ from dog to dog. Some Beardies may instinctually dismiss items like onions and chocolate, while others are not as discriminating when it comes to food. So feel free to share some of your meal with your Beardie, but be forewarned that they have terrible table manners and would rather use your pant leg or sofa instead of a napkin!