Bing - 2nd Show, 2nd Major


Papaw's Powered By Bing (aka) "Bing", 3rd Show 3rd Major

Later that day, he was awarded a Puppy Group 1

Breaking News "After Dark"!




April 2016

Where has the time gone? Haven't had time to update our website, my other jobs are keeping me very busy. Happy to add this "News" : The Karma x Bing littter is due mid April.  Dam and Sire are are gorgeous and love to work the sheep. Check back for more updates.

Karma and Bing have their CHIC numbers. Health tests include: OFA hips/elbows, OFA/CERF eye examination, OFA thyroid panel.

Karma's puppies (Powered By Bing) arrived on April 14th. Six in all, three boys and three girls. Sounds like the Beardie Bunch. Karma is a wonderul mom, pups are doing well. Jack and I are a bit sleep deprived, but very happy.

Some are spoken for, so please contact us if you are interested. 



June 2015

So happy to host our first "Meet the Sheep". Call, text or email to save a spot.  June 27th and June 28th from noon until 4:00 pm. Dogs will get two chances in the small pen, you can handle or ask of of us to take the dog in ring. Charge is $20 per dog, all breeds welcome. We need to assign a time so everyone doesn't show up at once and to allow the time for the sheep to rest.  We can schedule a dog every 30 minutes. More information soon.........


The road trip to Nebraska was well worth it. Lynn Leach's Herding Clinic was super, she has a way of getting into a dog's head. Then came the herding trial where we could put our new skills to work. 3 dogs + 6 runs = 6 Qs

Karma had two Qs and earned her PT title with Jack, and Bing had two Qs and earned his HT title with Jack. I decided to venture into hearding with our new puppy, a Berger Picard. He came from Donna and Mike Beadle in MN and his registered name is Eclipse Winning Ticket After Dark, or Ticket for short. Lynn and the judges loved working with this little guy. At 7 months old he earned his AKC Herding Instinct Certified (HIC) title. He shows great drive and stamina, working his a strong eye and distance.


Karma just came into season, so check back soon for Puppy News!


May 2015

Congratulations to our new champion and new grand champion . CH Papaw's Powered Bt Bing CGC, and GCH Britannia Sparkles After Dark RN HT CGC. Bing finished with a limited amount of shows, and went BOB over specials to finish.


April 2015

Sparkle/Stryker puppies aka Dr. House and Dr. Wilson went to their forever homes. Sad to see them go after so long, but they will make their new families very happy. House aka Howie is staying close by in Michigan, and Wilson will be living in sunny California. I may have to go and visit!

Finally back in the show ring for the Saginaw Vally Kennel Club show, Bing went BOB, and Sparkle was BOS. Bing and I also were awarded a OwnerdHandler Group 4.

We are planning a summer litter with Karma, please contact me if you would like more information


   This is Karma as a puppy!


February and March 2015

I hate winter!  On the bright side, Mama June (the ewe) gave birth to two lambs - April and May. Our flock is now up to 9.


January 2015



No, it's not a Bearded Collie, it's a Berger Picard, or Picardy Shepherd!  Meet Eclipse Winning Ticket After Dark aka Ticket. Special thanks to Donna Beadle (Eclipse Kennels) for allowing us to have this little guy. He is fearless and gets along great with the Beardies. Jack introduced him to the sheep and he showed interest.  Bien évidemment, il s'agit d'un élevage chien!  Can't wait to start showing him. Picards will be in the AKC herding group on July 1, 2015.


December 2014

Sparkle's two puppies, Drs. House and  Wilson, are available. Both are  male, black with white markings, whelped 8/29/14. These puppies have been going potty outside since  6 weeks old. They are crate trained and travel well in a car. Both puppies have a very good recall and have been super socialized! House and Wilson have already shown interest in the sheep! Inquiries welcome.


On December 7th, my friend, Kelly Canham (and owner of the sire), came for a visit to evaluate the puppies. We had a wonderful time and her bitch, Brenna,  2014 BCCC and BCCA National Specialty winner, was our first Beardie guest to work the sheep.  Watch the video here .  Who's the guy in the ring? My husband, Jack - the sheep whisperer.


November 2014

Our favorite herding instructor and good friend, Tracy Carlton, has moved to a warmer location, and had to sell off some of her stock. So we now have seven sheep. Once things settle down, we would be happy to have friends come over to work their dogs. Karma was very excited to see the sheep; Bing did a bang up job of helping us get them back into their pen. Am I the only one with a French pedicure under my Much boots?


October 2014

We missed little Enzo, but according to his emails he is having a wonderful time. He loves playing with Trixie and is making the rounds visiting friends and family.  Sparkle's little boys are growing up fast and will be ready for their forever homes soon.  They are different as night and day, but are both very smart. It was so cute to see Sparkle teaching them to play "chase" the other day. Karma  did the same with Enzo, but she always looked like she was showing off since she is so fast.


September 2014

Happy 15th birthday to Sunny! All the puppies are growing so fast. Enzo is excited about the two new little ones.  Jack and I both feel bad about missing the BCCA National Specialty, but too much to do here.  We decided not to keep Enzo, but we found a wonderful home for him in Ohio. Enzo will be going home to his new family that includes a beautiful fawn Beardie girl named Trixie.  It's so hard placing puppies, but this was meant to be. Enzo needs Cindy and Bob (and Trixie), and they need him.


August 2014

Enzo is such a sweetie, very outgoing and not afraid of anything. If there is an open door, drawer, bag or whatever - he pokes his head in to check things out.  BIng is really good with the puppy, and plays with him a lot. Guess Bing will take over Cowboy's role as "Mr. French".  On the 29th Sparkle whelped two black and white boys.  Isn't there a song titled " It's Raining Men"?


July 2014

Karma has a singleton, a beautiful brown boy on July 1st. He is so spoiled, since he is the only baby. Karma is a wonderful mother, and Enzo is getting lots of scocialization. Enzo is registered as After Dark Racing in the Rain, after my favorite book - The Art of Racing in the Rain. Not much sleep, but lots of puppy fun.  We also found out that Sparkle is in whelp, she was bred to Can CH Cameron's Moving Violations, owned by Kelly Canham. Puppies due at the end of August.  Oh and I have to mention that I had a great time judging Sweepstakes at the Canadian National Specialty. Loved seeing all the new puppies and going over the veterans. Thanks to everyone for a great time.


June 2014

Puppy News!!!! Karma, After Dark Instant Karma PT was bred to  Ry, GCH Pentangles Rock'n Ryland P TDX HXAs OA OAJ OF, both sire and dam have CHIC numbers. Litter due 6/30/2014. Looking forward to Beardie Camp in a few weeks.


May 2014

Weather breaks and back to the shows. Bing went WD both days and Sparkle was BOS at the Genesee County Dog show May 17th and 18th. Special thanks to Sparkle's new handler, Jack, for her win on Sunday!


March & April 2014

Spring, where are you? I miss you!


February 2014

Sitting here counting how many more days until spring since I'm am so done with this cold and snowy winter. But this morning I got an email that warmed my heart. The AKC contacted me about using one of my photos for one of their publications regarding responsible dog ownership. I have to take this photography thing more seriously! Details to follow, and of course I'll post a copy here when it becomes available.




January 2014

Wishing all our friends are very happy and healthy 2014!  Jack and I just joined "Take The Lead", a wonderful organization dedicated to helping dog show people.  Take the Lead was founded in 1993 as a not-for-profit foundation under Section 501 (c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code dedicated to provide direct services, support and care for all qualified participants in the sport of dogs who suffer from the devastating realities of life-threatening or terminal illnesses. Here is the link if you want more information

Happy 29th birthday (again) to Maryann.


What a start to the new year. We went to the Livonia Kennel Club show on 1/18/2014 and came home with a plethora of ribbons - 1st Place  9-12 month puppy, Winners Dog, Best of Winners, Best Puppy and a Puppy Group I. It was Bing's third show and third major, he is an amazing little boy. Loves to show, and a tail that never stops wagging. Thanks to everyone for the kind words!

.......the future's so bright I gotta wear shades.

Planning a litter for late spring/early summer of 2014! Check back for more details.


December 2013

Happy Birthday to 'parkle puppy who turned six this year.

Took Bing to his first all breed show and he was awarded Winners Dog. Two shows, two majors, not too bad for a kid! The month Bing was introduced to sheep and showed a lot of natural instinct.  He is bright, biddable, and bouncy!


October 2013

Left with four dogs and came home with five! It was love at first sight, when we saw "Bing" aka Papaw's Powered By Bing. I was selling catalogs ringside when this little guy entered the ring. Wow! Natural free stack, lovely outline, stunning rear angulation and a proper front. When you put all these together, how can you not have stellar movement. He was just warming up in Sweeps, when he took 3rd place in the large (15) 6-9 mo puppy class. The next day he took first in the same large class and had to compete with the big guys for Winners Dog. He gaited around the ring like he had been doing this forever, and the judge,  Pat Hastings gave him Reserve.  He was handled by his breeder, Leslie Papa. After several conversations, Leslie agreed to let Bing join the After Dark Beardies. She graciously allowed me to handle him in the Best Puppy competition, and he won! Ms. Hastings told me she would take him home in a heart beat, but I told he we beat her to it.  He is a great puppy, and fits right in. His tail never stops wagging, and he is very smart. We are thankfuly to Leslie for letting him come home with us and look forward to watching him grow up. Check out a few photos on Bing's page.

In addtion to bringing home Bing, we came home with some new titles and lots of ribbons. Jack/Sparkle were the only ones to qualify in herding to earn Sparkle's second leg earning an HT title. Not to be outdone, Jack/Karma went on to earn Karma's first PT leg. Way to go, Jack. You earned a new stock stick.

Karma had a bark fest in agility and forgot how to sit in Rally. Sparkle lost a few points for barking in Rally, but qualified for her 3rd leg and RN title.

Lots of friends, fun and ribbons!


Bada Bing, Bada Boom!


September 2013

Packed, unpacked and now packing up the motorhome for the big trip to St. Louis, where we will join our friends at the 2013 BCCA National Specialty.


August 2013

Settled in the new place the first week of August, lots to do! The dogs are having a great time investigating, exploring and running the property. Little do they know a fence is in the near future. Happy 14th birthday to Sunny, she still loves to run with the pack and chase her little pink ball.


July 2013

Getting ready for the big move. We sold our house and will be moving to 10 glorious acres in Goodrich, MI.  Not much time for anyting else!


June 2013

Packed up the motor home and  spent four days at the M&M cluster in Midland Michigan. Karma was BBE, and Sparkle was BOH/BOB. In additon Sparkle picked up a few more GCH points Thursday, Friday and Saturday going BOS all three days. On Sunday, Sparkle was selected BOB and got a good look in group! She does love to show, especially in the big group ring!


May 2013

Wow, where did the month go? Took a break from showing to catch up on things at home and take in some herding lessons. Took Karma in for health screenings and the results were: Hips - OFA Good, Elbows -OFA Normal, and Thyroid- OFA Normal. Just need to get her CERF.

April 2013

Sparkle picks up a few more GCH points at Birch Run. She is so easy to show, as long as you have bait AND give it to her.


February 2013

So sad. No puppies for Sparkle :-( , we were really looking forward to the pitter patter of little paws.


January 2013

Happy 29th birthday to Maryann :-).  Well, I couldn't ask for a better present. Sparkle's ultrasound was scheduled on my birthday and there are puppies! She is due to whelp the last week of February. Not sure what to expect, because Sparkle always surprises us.  Sherlock + Sparkle = Sharkle puppies. I am looking forward to this maternity leave.

December 2012

Happy 5th birthday to Sparkle! Sparkle will be bred at the end of the month to GCH  Ha'Penny Hixpac First Impression. Check back soon for more news.  Everyone needs a little sparkle in their life.  Also want to give a shout out to After Dark Magical Murphy aka "Murphy" on his new RN title. Kudos to Cindy, Murphy's mom.

Wishing our friends a wonderul holiday season filled with peace and joy!


November 2012

Slow month, waiting for Sparkle to come into season. We would love to give a shout out to Sherlock, Sparkle's "baby daddy" on earning his Grand Championship this month. He is handsome dog and has been getting consistent recognition from the judges this month. If all goes well, puppies will be going home in April. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in a 'parkle puppy.


October 2012

Picked up more points for Sparkle's GCH at the Monroe Kennel Club show and a BOS ribbon. Stayed at the lovely fairgrounds in the mo-ho for our final trip of the season. Now on to the herding news.....Jack and Karma attended the Australian Shepherd Club of America Stockdog Trial Program and came in third place with a score of 77! Karma impressed Jack and the crowd as she took the entire flock back in to the barn. I still marvel at the versatile breed. One weekend they are in the conformatio ring looking beautiful as they float around the ring with flowing hair, and the next  weekendthey are covered in mud working stock! In between they spend time just playing with each other in the yard and having fun.


September 2012

Happy 9th birthday to Chase Manhattan! Took the mo-ho for our send to the last road trip in 2012 and drove to the Marquette Kennel Club show in the UP. Sparkle went BOB all three days! Jack showed Karma in the fun match and come home with a 2nd place ribbon in the herding group. Way to go Jack and Karma! Our little girl is finally growing up. Special shout our to Sparkle's BF, Sherlock, who just got his GCH!


August 2012

Happy 13th birthday to Sunny Sue! Sparkle and I had fun at the Canadian National Specialty. Did come home with a ribbon from the St. Clair Kennel Club show, BOS and more points for her GCH. Apparently, Sparkle wanted to pursue her show career and put off having puppies until fall. Check back for more details.


July 2012

The weather and Sparkle have been hot. At the Great Lakes Regional Specialty held in Warren, Michigan on July 6, Sparkle received an Award of Merit. Someone commented the ribbon was almost as big as me! Guess Sparkle wants to focus on her show career at this time, and decided to postpone her plans for puppies until fall.  Sparkle, CH Britannia Sparkles After Dark will be bred to CH Ha'Penny Hixpac First Impression. Both sire and dame have CHIC numbers. Both OFA normal thyroid, clear CERF, and OFA normal elbows. Sherlock's hips are OFA excellent and Sparkle's hips are OFA good. Inquiries welcome! Go to the PUPPIES page and hover over the registered names to learn more about Sparkle and Sherlock.



June 2012

Way to go, 'Parkle. Our first time out as a Special (and she is), Sparkle gets a Group III. We'll know for sure later if month if she will be having puppies soon.  On another note, we all had a blast at Beardie Camp. Lot of fun, lots of friends and lots of Beardies. Beardie Camp is held every two years at Purina Farms, Gray Summit, Missouri. Next camp will be in 2014. Chet Jezierski took some wonderful photos, as usual, and you can view the album here  .



Sadly, we said goodbye to a good boy this month - Cowboy. His spirit was willing the the flesh was growing weak. I called him my "perennial puppy" since each year he never seemed to age, but still acted like a puppy. He enjoyed every day of his 16 years, and will be missed dearly. Each day I have to remind myself "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened".

April 2012

Happy birthday to Cowboy, who turned sweet sixteen on the 5th!

Sparkle finishes her championship with a BANG! We only needed two majors to finish and there was a chance at the Saginaw Valley Kennel Club show on Saturday. Not only did she take WB, she also went BOB over specials, giving her 4 points and her first major. We went back on Sunday,and the girl did it again, and came home with another BOB, 3 more points and her new title -

CH Britannia Sparkles After Dark CGC HIC

I will post some photos to Sparkle's page and the photo gallery soon. She is easy to show and is lots of fun in the ring. Looking forward to some 'parkle puppies later this year.


March 2012

Sparkle gets RWB at the Detroit Kennel Club show. Haven't done this show in a long time. It's one of the few benched shows left; that means we are there all day educating the public about the breed. I tried to do my best, but you can only answer "How much time do you spend brushing these dogs?" with a smile. I ended up taking both girls over the herding demo and helped with the sheep.


February 2012

Herding lessons still going strong. Jack and Karma have been invited to the herding demo at the Detroit Kennel Club show next month.


January 2012

It's been a mild winter, and Jack and Karma are able to get in some herding lessons. He is now officially addicted!



December 2011

Happy birthday to Sparkle, who turned 4 this month!

A very special shout out to Karen Barrat and Miller, Karma's sire. Karen and Miller came in first place  in the 20" class at the  AKC Eukanuba Agility Invitationals in Florida. Isn't he handsome?




November 2011

Jack and Karma are now herding junkies and are laying plans for their PT title. I'm so proud of them both since the HT title was the first AKC title for each of them. Special thanks to Tracy and Katlynn Carlton who run the Second Chance Ranch and their sheep! Tracy invited Jack and Karma to work sheep at the Detroit Kennel Club show in March. This is one of the few remaing benched shows, and always draws a big crowd. We need to let the public know that Beardies are more than just a pretty bearded face!

October 2011

Well, Cowboy was right. The trip to Maine was indeed the mother of all road trips! So glad the old guy was able to join us for another National Specialty. We left Michigan on Thursday and the rain followed us to New York and then into Massachusettes for the herding trial. Jack did a great job with Karma and Sparkle (in the rain), and all their hard work paid off. Karma Q'd in the am and pm trial earning her an HT title. Sparkle was a bit more behaved in the pm trial earned her first HT leg. Next on the agenda was agility (in the rain). We had lots of fun, but no Q's. I believe some has a photo of Sparkle doing a piroette on the teeter. More rain as we drove to Kennebunkport to the Colony Inn, the host hotel. Karma and Sparkle did Rally (in the rain), and Sparkle earned her 2nd leg towards her RN. Karma had way too much fun bouncing around the ring and trying to play with the lead. No Q for you! Guess we need more practice, practice, practice. Finally, the weather broke and we had some sunshine for the conformation show. Sparkle showed well in the Open class, but did not place.

Lobsters were plentiful, and the hotel staff was very gracious. Our compliments to the Maniacs for hosting a wonderful show! Coudn't make it to the show? Check out the herding and agility photos at and conformation and candid show photos at

September 2011

Happy birthday to Chase and Zoe who turned 8 this month; and please pass a piece of cake to Karma who turned 2. Practice, practice, practice; the BCCA National Specialty is at the end of the month. Cowboy refers to the trip as the mother of all road trips.

August 2011

Happy birthday to Sunny who turned 12 this month. We we at the vet's office for a checkup and I overheard a tech say "She looks good for an old lady). Pretty sure she was referring to Sunny and not moi :-) . Slow month for shows, just enjoying the end of summer. Jack and Karma are into herding big time, and taking lessons whenever they can.

July 2011

Where has the summer gone? Another road trip to Lake Huron so the dogs could get some beach time. Karma should have no problem with dock diving next year at Beardie Camp. We had glorious weather over the 4th and many people were out walking the beach, several of whom commented on the "diving dog". I'll be adding photos to the gallery soon. All the dogs went into the lake, even Cowboy! Thanks to Bob and Margaret for letting us come up every year with the dogs. We always have a great time.


This past weekend was the "One Guy (Jack), His Wife (me) and Some Chicks (Tracy Carlton, her daughter and some of Tracy's herding students) Weekend". We spent two days on Tracy's farm working the dogs. At 15 1/2 Cowboy, was thrilled to enter the field and herd the sheep. He was a bit slow, but still knew what to do. All the dogs were happy to walk around the farm, which includes sheep and horses. At one point, Tracy put us to work. We all went into the pen and used our dogs to hold the stock while we worked to worm and trim hooves. You mark the ones that are done with spray paint so you can keep track of the stock. Well, when you combine the heat, several women with a sense of humor and a can of spray paint, you end up with some "interesting" symbols on the sheep! I taught an informal yoga class outdoors on Sunday moring to loosen everyone up after Saturday. Chanting and laughing "Baa-Ram-Ewe".

Kudos to Jack, who is doing a wonderful job training Karma on the sheep.

June 2011

Packed up the RV and headed up to Traverse City, Michigan, for a wonderul three day weekend show. Had fun catching up with old friends, and we split the points. Sparkle went BOW on Friday! Congrats to everyone who placed and won! Earlier in the month we competed in my club's agility trial with Chase and Sparkle. Since I teach yoga on Saturday mornings, I only entered on Sunday. Chase took 2nd place in Open STD for another leg. Sparkle came very close to a Q on both runs. Not too shabby, she does show promise.

May 2011

Jack and Karma spent a weekend with Simon Leaning at a herding clinic in North Branch, I was only able to audit a session on Sunday. Simon can really get into a dog's head and has an easy going and gentle nature, which comes through in his teaching methods. Come back soon to see the photos!

April 2011

Team Sparkle (Maryann, Michele and Sparkle) did well at the NCBCC Regional Specialty in Maryland. Sparkle was shown by her breeder, Michele Ritter (Britannia) and myself on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. She placed every day in the Open Bitch class, and on Sunday, breeder/judge Arlene Rubenstein award us RWB. The NCBCC hosts a great show weekend with a delicious lunch and wonderful trophies. Always great to get toghether with Beardie people!

February 2011

Karma the Cover Girl! Beauty & Brains!

Here is Karma herding with Jack. This photo was taken at Beardie Camp when Karma was 9 months of age.

Click on the picture of the brochure below to see a larger version.

Guess it pays to be the teacher's pet. Karma's photo was used in the brochure for "The Second Chance Ranch", where we take herding lessons. Jack and Karma braved almost a foot of snow today, but neither of them seemed to mind a bit. Several people watching actually got to witness their first Beardie Bounce. I overheard someone say "Is that a Beardie Bounce? I"ve heard about them, but never actually saw one before." Always entertaining.......

Interesting in herding lessons?

More exciting news this month!

This February, the American Kennel Club invited us to join the AKC Breeders of Merit program. Breeders must meet the program's qualifications which include the following:

Shout out to Sunny, who earned her ROMAX title!

January 2011

Congratulations to CH After Dark Seventh Star, RN AX MXJ OF, and owner Jenny Scheytt. Zoe also earned her VX (Versatility Excellent) title from the Bearded Collie Club of America. Belated congratulations to Estrella's Solamente Mia (co-bred with After Dark) who earned her RN title at a very young age (beating her mom by a couple of months)! Mia is a puppy from the Zoe x Miller breeding. Nice job to all the girls.

December 2010

Happy Birthday to Sparkle, who turned 3 on 12/12, she is looking very mature with her stunning black coat!

The month is off to a good start. Sparkle, Britannia Sparkles After Dark, was BOW at the Ingham County Kennel Club Show in East Lansing on 12/4/10, earning a few more points to her championship title.

Here's our 2010 holiday greeting card. Best wishes to your pack from ours!

November 2010

Congratulations to Murphy (Zoe x Miller) who earned his CGC and TDI! Apparently Murphy got extra credit because the gentleman using the walker in the required TDI exercise fell, and Murphy gave him some "kisses" to make him feel better. Beardies are always a crowd pleaser.

Beardies on Board? Then you need this standing Beardie emblem for your car. Details and photo under Items For Sale. Half the proceeds go to the BCCA.

October 2010

What a glorious time we had in Colorado at the BCCA National Specialty Show. It was a trip a remember, including the fire which made everyone evacuate the hotel in the middle of the night. The Beardies seem to enjoy the early morning trip outdoors. Sparkle decided to come in season, so she couldn't compete in agility or rally. Chase was awesome and took 2nd place in Novice Fast, and 3rd place in Open Standard, but a refusal in Excellent JWW cost us a leg. On to rally, where Chase earned his third leg, giving him his RN and qualifying him for a Versatility Award from the BCCA. I entered the photo on the home page into the annual photo contest and took home a first place blue ribbon!

Congrats to the Zoe x Miller puppies who placed in the regular classes and Sweeps! Another shout out to Brie, Mia, Packer and Razz who earned their HICs.

September 2010

Happy Birthday to Chase and Zoe who turn 7 this year!

Happy Birthday to the Zoe x Miller puppies who turn 1!

Karma you will remain a puppy until I say so. Happy Birthday Special K!

Got Pumpkin? Be sure to read my latest article about the pharmacy in your kitchen. It features some natual alternatives for caring for your dogs.

August 2010

Happy Birthday to Sunny, who turns 11 this year!

Another trip to the lake this month, and everybeardie had fun swimming in Lake Huron. Hard to believe summer is almost over, but that means it will soon be time for the Bearded Collie Club of America 2010 National Specialty Show in Loveland, Colorado. Come back for breaking news.

July 2010

Wow the month flew by! We had fun at the Michigan Regionaly Specialty hosted by the Great Lakes Bearded Collie Club, and followed up with a weekend show in Monroe. Both Sparkle and Karma came home with placement ribbons. As for me, I spent the last two weeks of July earning my certificate to teach yoga. Somehow we managed to sneak in a quick trip to Lake Huron, where we learned that our Beardies are part fish. (I think Sparkle and Karma have webbed feet). Check out our summer fun photos.

Karma and Sparkle, Lake Huron

June 2010

So far, we've been having fun and it isn't even officially summer! Chase got his second leg in Open JWW with a fourth placement, and two days later we were off to Beardie Camp. There is always so much to do and the people at Purina Farms are the best. Jack and Karma went into the sheep pen, and came out with an HIC (Herding Instinct Certificate). She and Jack made quite a team, looking like they've done it a million times although it was the first time Karma even saw sheep! Sparkle qualified for her CGC (Canine Good Citizen). The weather was hot, so I was really looking forward to dock diving. I got to hop in the pool with Chase and Karma. Cowboy, age fourteen, was a very happy camper and participated in the "running of the Beards". They next day I treated him to a canine massage. We paid tribute to Checkers by launching two purple (his favorite color) balloons at the memorial service. Sunny enjoyed the couch and the air conditioning in the motor home. This year, I was the instructor for Beardie Puppy 101 at camp. Take a peek at the PowerPoint presentation.

May 2010

Girls, girls, girls! Packed up the RV and headed off to a weekend show, and a good time was had by all. Sparkle, Britannia Sparkles After Dark, went WB and BOS both days. Not far behind was Karma, After Dark Instant Karma, who went RWB both days, and took a Group 3 at the B Match on Friday night. Everyone is looking forward to the next road trip in June - Beardie Camp!!!!!!

April 2010

Happy birthday to Cowboy, who turned 14 earlier this month. He still acts like and thinks he is 5, and we enjoy every minute of it. Congratulations to Sparkle, Britannia Sparkles After Dark, who was BOW and BOS at the Saginaw Valley Kennel Club show on the 10th. Aside from the dog show news, we're all very happy spring is finally here!

January 2010

Sadly, we said our final good byes to Checkers this month. He was our first conformation dog and an awesome agility partner. I'd like to say that I taught him a lot, but to tell the truth; Checkers taught me a lot more. He will be missed.


"There is one best place to bury a dog.
"If you bury him in this spot, he will
come to you when you call — come to you
over the grim, dim frontier of death,
and down the well-remembered path,
and to your side again.
"And though you call a dozen living
dogs to heel, they shall not growl at
him, nor resent his coming,
for he belongs there.
"People may scoff at you, who see
no lightest blade of grass bent by his
footfall, who hear no whimper, people
who may never really have had a dog.
Smile at them, for you shall know
something that is hidden from them,
and which is well worth the knowing.
"The one best place to bury a good
dog is in the heart of his master."

--- Ben Hur Lampman ---

December 2009

Happy Birthday to Sparkle, who turned two years old this month! Check out this year's Christmas photo. Hint: It helps if your dogs are taught to "sit" and "wait", and a pocketful of treats also comes in handy. Karma, just three months old, behaved like an angel. Happy Holidays to all!

November 2009

The puppies have all gone to their new homes and have settled in nicely. All but one share their home with other Beardies, but that's just a matter of time. Riley, After Dark Living The Life Of Riley, was featured in a wonderful story that appeared on the front page of the Herald & Review (Illinois). You can read the story online by clicking here.

October 2009

We all had a great time at the Bearded Collie Club of America's National Specialty! Chase and Sparkle showed their versatility by participating in herding, agility, rally and conformation. We came home with some lovely ribbons and a few brags.

Congratulations to all the winners!

September 2009

Happy Sixth Birthday to Chase and Zoe (9/21/03)!

Great news: Zoe's puppies have arrived! We have 7 puppies — 2 black females, 1 black male, 1 brown female and 3 brown males; all were born 9/7/09.

Sire is MACH CH Colquhoun's No Time To Relax MXF NAC HIC, aka Miller, and for the record Zoe is CH After Dark Seventh Star OA AXJ CL2 RF HIC CGC. Miller's CHIC # is 57021 and Zoe's CHIC # is 42937. This is a co-breeding with Zoe's owner, Jennifer Scheytt. Inquiries welcome!

Look here for more puppy pictures!

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June 2009

I always look forward to the Up 'N Over Agility trial held the first weekend of June, because to me that means summer is finally here. To add to my delight, Chase brought home two rosettes - first place in Novice Standard, and fourth place in Open Jumpers.

The following weekend we traveled to Chicago for the Chicagoland Regional Specialty, where Sparkle was awarded first place in the 12-18 month bitch class in Sweeps. Thank you breeder/judge, Leslie Papa!

Is there anything better than the smell of puppy breath? If all goes as planned, that wonderful scent will be here in early September. Zoe is the mom-to-be; check out her web page for photos and pedigree. More information as it becomes available. Please contact me for the details.

May 2009

Sparkle took Reserve Winners Bitch in her first MB-F Virtual Dog Show!

More good news.......

We call her Sparklelicious, but on May 16th at the Genesee County Kennel Club Show, the judge called her Best of Winners. Our little girl is growing up to be a lovely bitch!

Sparkle BOW at Genesee County Show

April 2009

My personal life demanded a brief hiatus from the dog show world, but our first month back out was terrific. My Sparklelicious girl earned her first points at the Saginaw Valley Kennel Club show, putting her officially "in the game". We traveled to Maryland for one of our favorite shows, the National Capitol Bearded Collie Club Regional Specialty. The club hosts a wonderful event and it's always great to see old friends.  Chase and Zoe were shown in the BOB competition, and Sparkle showed in the 12-18 month class. I have to say one thing about Sparkle, she is consistent! She earned 2nd place in Sweeps in a large 12-18 month bitch class, and was awarded the same honor in the regular classes. The next day, Sparkle earned the 2nd place ribbon again  in the 12-18 month bitch class at the Old Dominion show on Saturday. In addition to winning some "pie" money, Sparkle enjoyed spending time with her extended family. Check back later for photos (thanks, Chet) and the judge's critique.

In other news, Zoe (and her mom, Jenny) decided to join some friends for agility after the show on Friday in Maryland. Zoe earned her AXJ and NF title with a first place run in Exc A JWW. Although she appears very demure in the conformation ring, Zoe goes full throttle when she runs agility! I'm pretty sure that's the only time I've ever heard her bark.

Be sure to check out Sparkle on the MBF virtual dog show this May!

December 2008

I received my Christmas gift a bit early this year. The photo that graces the home page of this web site won second place in a photo contest sponsored by Drs. Foster and Smith, an online pet supply retailer. To view the winning photos click this link.The Beardies will have fun spending the prize, a $200 gift certificate for dog merchandise. MORE TOYS! In addition, we are now eligible for a trip to Disney World (without the dogs). Sending you warm wishes for the season and sharing Sparkle's Christmas wish......

Our Christmas card from After Dark:

Sparkle Bearded Collie custom Christmas card design 


November 2008

You have to check out the special interest page of the web site. We're going green After Dark, and you will be surprised to learn what we did with all that "dog hair". Of course, the real work was done by Martha Emery in Green Valley, Arizona, I just supplied the material. Rather, I should say -- Cowboy, Checkers, Sunny, Chase and Sparkle supplied the material. I am now the proud owner of a lovely hat and scarf made from a blend of Beardie hair mixed with hair from Shetland and Corrledale sheep. Unfortunately, we were only able to capture two of the "donors" for the photo shoot.

October 2008

Sparkle and I finished our third agility class, and she is coming along nicely for such a youngster. At the end of the month, Jack/Sparkle and myself/Chase attended a "Meet the Sheep" event. It's delightful watching the Beardies turn on to the sheep. Trust me, herding is a lot harder than it looks. We signed up for some lessons in November. Check out the photo of group herding -- Chase, me, Zoe and Zoe's Mom, Jenny Scheytt. You gotta feel sorry for that brown sheep!

September 2008

We entered a local show that had an entry for Best Puppy and I'm glad we did. The Sparklelicious puppy was awarded a Group 2 on 9/6/08.

August 2008

The After Dark crew acquiited itself well at the BCCC National Specialty. You can read Zoe's critique on her page.

Here is Sparkle's Sweeps critique:

6-9 Month Female, 4th place: Britannia Sparkles After Dark. Lovely dark bitch, expressive dark eyes, balanced on the move when she chose to cooperate. Slithgly lacking in terms of forechest and depth of chest when compared to the other three. (Sparkle's litter sister finished 2nd in this class.)

Sparkle's Regular Class critique:

Junior Puppy Bitch, 2nd place: Britannia Sparkles After Dark. Litter sister to #1 (the first place finisher) and similar body lines, plainer type with lovely head and nice dark eye, moved well but carrying her tail a little too high.

July 2008

Proud to announce that Chase is now a Canadian Champion! Am/Can CH After Dark Follow That Star NAJ HIC CGC earned his last two points in Sarnia over the holiday weekend.


Sparkle, Britannia Sparkles After Dark, made her show debut at the BCCA Great Lakes Regional Specialty show in Michigan on July 4th. Handled by Jack, Sparkle took 4th place in a very competitive 6-9 month bitch class.

June 2008

We all had a great time at Beardie Camp, especially Sparkle since "everyone loves puppies at Beardie Camp"!  Thanks to Grandpa Chet, Sparkle experienced cherry pie! It doesn't get any better than that. Chase worked the sheep in the big pen and earned his HIC from Ann Witte. It was heart warming to see all the rehome/rescue Beardies at Beardie Camp. A special thanks to all the other instructors who donated their time at Beardie Camp, I'm sure all the participants are grateful so many Beardie folk are willing to share their knowledge and expertise.  Thanks to Dan Landiss, you can enjoy some photos from Beardie Camp,visit his web page at.

On a personal note, I'd like to thank the day care crew who did an awesome job watching over the Beardies left in day care.

May 2008

After a brief hiatus from the agility ring, Checkers and I went to the Bearded Collie Club of America agility trial hosted by the Wild Weavers in Grove City, Ohio. We made the trip with our friend Jenny, and her two Beardies, Maggie and Zoe. Checkers hasn't competed since October of 2007, when we attended the BCCA National Specialty, but he managed to Q in five out of six runs! He earned his Open JWW Preferred title, as well as his Novice Fast Preferred title. Zoe, came home with the biggest ribbon, earning the HIT award (highest scoring Beardie at the trial) thanks to her Open Standard run. We were tired, wet, dirty and very happy!

April 2008

Well, it was a long ride to the Carolinas Regional Specialty Show, but it was worth it! CH After Dark Seventh Star NA OAJ, aka Zoe, received the #1 Award of Merit from breeder/judge Chantal Andrew. The photo is now available on Zoe's page.

Happy Birthday to Cowboy! He turned 12 years young on April 5th.

Maryann's latest article, Smoking is Bad for You (and Your Beardie), has been added to the Articles area.

Sunny earns a ROMA title since two of her offspring have earned agility titles. Thanks, Chase and Zoe!

CH After Dark Follow That Star, NAJ (Chase)
CH AFter Dark Seventh Star, OA, OAJ (Zoe)

Maryann has successfully completed the ABCs of Breeding home study program and received the Breeder's Education Certificate (suitable for framing) from the American Kennel Club.

AKC American Kennel Club Breeder's Education Certificate

March 2008
It's a girl!

We have a new baby, and she is Sparklelicious! Such a big name for a little girl, so we just call her Sparkle. To learn more about our newest "star," visit her web page.