Cowboy, the world's biggest Wings fan

Photo Gallery

Here's a gallery of some of our favorite photos. To see bigger versions of any of these, just click on the thumbnail below.

Chase (original artwork)

Chase in the chair

Checkers on the dogwalk


Is that Checkers or Mick Jagger?

Christmas 2003

Fall 2004

Chase goes "froggin'"

Milkbones (original art)

Waiting for the mail

Chase "froggin'" again

Cowboy at work

Lovely profile


More froggin'!

Chase and Zoe

All the pups out playing Frisbee in
the snow. Look at Sparkle's ears!

All five dogs sitting for our Christmas photo in 2008.

All six dogs sitting for our Christmas photo in 2009. This photo accompanied an article on responsible dog ownership in the AKC In Session newsletter.

Jack, Sparkle, and Karma cooloing off in the Lake, July 2010.

Who has the Frisbee?